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extollo - (v. latin) - to lift up, to elevate

Extollo is a free & libre application framework in TypeScript.

Built on principles of modularity, strict-typing, inversion-of-control, and developer ergonomics, Extollo enables developers to build maintainable, scalable, and expressive applications.

Node.js provides an excellent platform for quickly getting an application up and running, but this loose minimalism can lead to larger, more unweildy code-bases as your application grows. Extollo fixes this by providing an opinionated, robust framework and first-party modules that provide, among other things:

  • Type-based dependency injection
  • Strongly-typed ORM with an expressive query-builder and models
  • Customizable session & caching interfaces
  • Modular, pre-compiled, nest-able routes
  • First-party, extensible command line tools
  • Unit-based application structure

Getting Started

Writing an application with Extollo is very straightforward if you are familiar with Node.js/TypeScript, or similar frameworks like Laravel.

Check out the Getting Started page site for more information.

License & Philosophy

The Extollo project is, and will always be, free & libre software. The framework itself is open-source available here, and is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


Have an improvement or fix to Extollo? Contributors are always welcome. See the file for next steps.